Management System

Please Help…
How do I manage recorded videos without using Epiphan recommended management systems such as Panopto, because their license is very very expensive.
If I connected Epiphan to ftp server, how do I manage recorded videos on this server such as categorizing and searching.

You can manage files directly on the Pearl by accessing them through the web interface. This section of the user guide covers how you can manage them, You can download the files to your PC, delete them from the Pearl, or transfer them to a connected USB drive if the USB is configured correctly. You can find more information on setting up USB transfers in the user guide here,

If you were to configure Automatic File Upload to an FTP server categorizing and searching of the recorded files would be determined by the FTP server and whatever software it is using. The Pearl simply uploads the files to the location, it doesn’t access them once they’re on the FTP server. You can read more about AFU here,