YouTube Scheduled Events no longer listed under "Published Destination"

Scheduled events in YouTube Studio no longer visible under Published Destination. Apparently something changed on YouTube to affect this feature. I have talked with YouTube support and they didn’t see or weren’t aware of what would have changed. Referred me to contact device (Webcaster X2) support. Troubleshooting items, I’ve tried are power cycling the Webcaster X2 and unpairing and repairing the X2 which processed as expected. No change to the problem though. Also tried starting the stream without pointing to the schedule event, and that got a YouTube exceeded quota error.

We weren’t able to stream Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, or Easter Sunday because of the same issue. At that other link, Ephipan’s response was to buy another box.

After lots of communication with YouTube this is what YouTube Support said the problem is: “The quota restrictions are not handled by our team here at Creator Support so you’ll need to reach out to the relevant team that handles YouTube APIs. Since you are using a third-party application that is making requests on your behalf, causing your channel to exceed the quota, you will need to reach out directly to your encoder’s support team so they can submit a request on your behalf for additional quota beyond the default allocation to our developers.” So YouTube’s official response is that Epiphan has to resolve the issue. However, Epiphan only provides minimal support for the Webcaster X2 and they say that this issue would continue to be a problem because YouTube uses different technology to connect encoders to YouTube. So sadly the only option is to replace the Webcaster X2. I researched lots of encoders and the only that meets what I am doing (Live Streaming Church Services) is the Epiphan Pearl Nano. If you decide to do go that direction, recommend contacting Phillip Sandler at Epiphan who in our case gave us a $500 discount to the Pearl Nano as an upgrade.