Webcaster x2 to YouTube Quota exceeded

Hello, This week we started getting an error on stream now that The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your quota essentially. Also I am not able to see in publish destination previously scheduled live events that I can still see as upcoming from you tube studio. Is this a universal error or are there steps I can take to resolve?

Same error here. Looks like a wide spread issue.

Good Friday service streaming today not available as a result. Easter Sunday service is only two days away ;( Hope it can be fixed soon enough.

Hello all,

We are seeing the same thing on our end, noting I was able to stream to YouTube this morning. However, as of about 1130EST publishing destinations on the Webcaster X2 only show “stream now”, a feature YouTube deprecated about four years ago, around the same time software and hardware support for the Webcaster x2 had ended (April 2020). As no changes have been made to the Webcaster x2 since 2020, it would appear some change happened on YouTube’s end.

This has been reported to our team and once we have more information we will post an update, but there does appear to be an interop issue between YouTube and Webcaster x2 at this time.

Since the deprecation of the Webcaster x2, and for those wishing to continue streaming to YouTube, we do suggest the Pearl Nano. It works differently than the Webcaster x2, as it doesn’t use direct integration with the platforms, but standard streaming protocols which offers a more future proof solution.

You can read more about the Nano here:

We offer an upgrade program for Webcaster owners directly via our sales team, so please email
sales@epiphan.com if interested

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I see the Pearl Nano being offered as a replacement. Does epiphan have a schedule for when products go out of service or a minimum supported time? We purchased the Webcaster and I think it was 6 months later it was announced out of service and now both YouTube and Facebook can’t be used. The Webcaster is such a great and easy to use product.

We were unable to stream Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, or Easter. If Ephiphan can’t offer a solution other than buy a new box, I can’t suggest that to my church.

We (Epiphan) have a history of supporting our products over multi-year periods, most notably the Pearl devices. The Pearl Nano was released Feb 2021 and has received 12 firmware updates with new features planned for future updates.

Webcaster x2 operation was unique but was unfortunately more susceptible to external changes. The Nano streams to services like YouTube and Facebook via standard protocols which historically is much more predictable and reliable.

Pearl Nano can be configured to work one-button push solution, it just requires some first time setup. We will be releasing videos to show you how this is done for YouTube and Facebook to help folks using the Nano for the first time, and we are available here or support@epiphan.com

I can’t suggest to my church to drop thousands of dollars every 6 years. We are certainly sorry your product had issues, didn’t last, and you actively stopped supporting it 2 years after it came out, despite your supposed history. I don’t make purchasing decisions, but I’m sure this will be taken into consideration with our next purchase. Extrapolate from the WCX2, buying a Nano means we would only have looks at watch three more years of support.

We do truly appreciate your honest feedback - if there is ever a chance your church would consider the Nano as an alternative solution we would be more than happy to address any concerns, and we can be reached directly at support@epiphan.com

i agree with the comments here that the Webcaster X2 was an excellent device at a reasonable price. Having a recommendation that it be replaced with a device that costs 6.5 times be a fine business proposal but is impractical if it too will have an end of life at some point. All I need is the ability to take my HDMI signal and send it to YouTube easily. The webcaster X2 has done that consistently for the last 6 years. I’ve ordered a replacement device for less that the X2 cost but from the reviews, the setup will be a bit more complicated than the x2 was. That is something that will be missed.

Your recommendation to purchase a $2000 device to replace the X2 is not helpful. We purchased the X2 because of its capabilities in relation to the pricing. We cannot afford a $2000 device. And it was really rough to find out that we could not stream our Easter service an hour before it started.

What a bummer to find out that Epiphan has no desire to make a small software update to fix streaming to Youtube. I did notice that the X2 can still stream to Twitch, so I guess we will be streaming there.

Thank you for your response and these details. It does indeed help.

As of 9:45 am EST on 4/4 YouTube is back working for me. I have access to the stream list and have successfully done a test stream. Anyone else see this, and does Epiphan know if this is fixed or just some temporary reprieve?

Our Webcaster X2 is showing are scheduled events again for which I am thankful. I purchased a new live stream box and was attempting to set it up without success. The Webcaster X2 is so much easier. Hope things continue as is and Epiphan, how about a Webcaster X3 that is supported for awhile!=?

Well, I spoke too soon. Everything was working yesterday, but here I am at 11:30am EST on Friday 4/5 and YouTube is disconnected again. Anybody able to connect?

I took a micro Dell 2070 and installed OBS software on it. I had to pay 20 bucks to get a HDMI capture card. The box is plug and play just like webcaster X2. I’d prefer if the webcaster worked because then the church gets more years out of it and it’s just what they’re used to. I have to say OBS is super easy to use.

Was able to stream 1 of 2 scheduled events, but when switching to the second event, Webcaster X2 would not connect to the second event. I still believe issue is with YouTube, but they have no incentive to search for and resolve the issue. Sadly, considering the Epiphan Nano. Reason for “sadly” is $1995.95 cost. I’ve looked at alternative encoders and they are much more complicated or appear to be more complicated to setup. The Webcaster X2 is so simple, just connect it to YouTube, then point to your event. When you have minimal technically proficient users doing the live stream, ease of operation is essential.

Hello everyone - thank you again for your feedback regarding the situation between Webcaster x2 and YouTube.

Please note, as mentioned in this thread and by Cam-OR in another thread:

We are offering a special program for Webcaster x2 users migrating to Pearl Nano. Please reach out to Sales@epiphan.com if you’re interested.

Very disappointed by this response from Epiphan, our Webcaster has effectively been switched off without warning resulting in us falling to deliver our church service livestream this morning.
The only solution we’re being offered will cost us a considerable sum which I feel reluctant to expect our church to finance at the moment. We have only had this unit for a few years and feel that you should offer a firmware upgrade to fix this. How could we be confident that if we bought the nano that we would not face similar problems in a year or so ?

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Hello Paul,

Thank you for your feedback and reaching out. I can understand your frustration here, as it has been for other folks who used the Webcaster x2 until recently.

When the Webcaster x2 was discontinued April 2020 it had a lot to do with how platforms were planning to ingest streams and difficulty of support going forward. We did continue to support folks in the field using the Webcaster x2 right up to when it was impossible to do so.

The Pearl Nano which we are recommending has been out for a few years with continual feature additions, and many more planned. It streams to YouTube and Facebook using industry standard protocols, like RTMP and SRT, that will be continually supported. In fact Pearl Nano is one of only three encoders officially supported by YouTube for their new SRT beta program.

There are other advantages of Pearl Nano in comparison and we’d be happy to help you in deciding if it is right for you and your streaming needs.