XLR microphone problem

I have pluged a XLR microphone into a XLR port in my Pearl Nano but it is not working, no sound input in the Nano.

The manufacter of the microphone says that the microphone needs to get power from the XLR cable so I’m wondering if the Nano provides power over the XLR cable?


Hello Grind!

While there is a small amount of gain that can be added in the XLR input settings of the Pearl Nano WebUI, this is not sufficient for boosting mic-level signals. This is because the Pearl Nano does not have a built in audio pre-amp, like for example, the Pearl Mini does.
If a microphone is connected to a Pearl Nano that is transmitting a mic-level signal and/or the microphone requires phantom power (48v), you will need to connect the microphone first to a audio mixer or interface; boosting the signal and/or providing phantom power (48v) to the microphone. Once this occurs, you should just need to output audio from the mixer or interface to the Pearl Nano!

Here is more information about this:

Happy to help with any other questions!