Vimeo streaming issues. Dacast also?

I’m looking at buying the Nano to live stream to Vimeo or Dacast.

Looking through the online reviews I came across two (Dec 21) that stated simular issues:

Agree with the other reviewer about the bitrate issue. The problem with this unit (and maybe all pearls) is that I was told by their tech support that if the unit senses a change in bitrate, it stops and starts the stream. Online CDNs (specifically Vimeo) do not like that and everyone is dropped from the live stream each time this happens. Epiphan needs to change that functionality and adjust the stream on the fly instead of stopping and starting

Can anyone comment on this, does this also happen using Dacast?

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The information in that review isn’t exactly correct, the Pearl doesn’t sense bitrate, the user defines the bitrate for the encoding and the Pearl will sense if there’s enough bandwidth available to hit that target.

If there isn’t enough bandwidth the Pearl will display a warning and keep trying to push the stream through regardless. In the process you might drop packets/frames, or the stream could drop out entirely, but the Pearl will never stop trying to stream, so I’m not entirely sure what the review is talking about specifically, unless they had bandwidth issues, which is fairly common.

What might of happened to the reviewer is that by default the Pearl is set to use the current signal resolution as the frame size. When this option is checked it will match the encoding resolution to the resolution of the external video connection coming in.

If the signal changes resolution (i.e. by using an external switcher), or a layout switch to a different signal occurs then the Pearl will restart the encoding which will certainly cause the stream to drop out. All that’s required in that case is to simply uncheck that option and choose a static frame size which will be maintained regardless of the incoming signal.


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If anyone facing streaming issue in vimeo or dacast, You can have some alternatives to dacast and vimeo in detailed
some the alternatives were

  1. VPlayed
  2. Brightcove
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