Two Way SRT Support


Does the Pearl Nano support SRT in and out simultaneously? I want to receive an SRT feed and output that over HDMI and send an SDI or HDMI feed over SRT back. Two way communication but with SRT through a single Nano.

All Pearl devices support SRT decode and encode and we see this occur in the field quite often, as described in the case study below:

A single unit could also decode/encode SRT simultaneously, the main thing to note here is that Pearl devices are not designed to be used for real-time communication as a small amount of decode/encode delay would be introduced on both ends (200-300ms), in addition to any network delays and latency set in the SRT settings. However, for point-to-point, Pearl Nano, or any Pearl device, is an excellent solution.

In the use case you had described, noting that Pearl Nano is limited to a single networked input (SRT/RTSP), you would be able to stream SRT to an SRT decoder and receive an SRT stream back. You could then output the return SRT stream (ingest) or a channel that includes the SRT ingest via the HDMI output from the originating Pearl Nano.

This applies to all Pearl devices, however, simply put, Pearl Mini and Pearl-2 have more capabilities; can ingest more SRT streams, more channels, etc.

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Thanks for the info Ryan. We understand there is a delay as we have tested with our pearl 2’s in the past. Just wanted to make sure the Nano had the power to do it as well. Just needs to be single channel
in and out with SRT.

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