Support for newer ubuntu/linux versions (18.04 and up)

Hi All,

I tried to install vga2usb on ubuntu 18.10 with linux kernel 4.18.25. I changed the dkms.conf inside the vga2usb- package to allow for installation on a 4.18 kernel (set BUILD_EXCLUSIVE_KERNEL=4.18.*). However when hooking up the dvi2usb 3.0 capture device I see it the kernel module vga2usb misses these kernel symbols:
symbol device_private_key and put_zone_device_private_or_public_page

Indeed these kernel symbols are gone in recent linux kernels.
Anybody an idea to fix this or is there any chance for epiphan to support newer linux kernels?

After ubuntu 16.10 development is stopped?

Thanx Michiel

Hello, unfortunately we are currently only supporting LTS versions of Ubuntu. The latest would be Ubuntu 18.04 with kernel version 4.18, and the drivers for this can be downloaded here:

On the support page I was nog able tot find that version:

Do you have an URL with a complete list? Also on

I could not find that one.

But anyhow thanx for the link!


You’re correct, the pages you linked to aren’t updated any longer. The Software tab of the DVI2USB 3.0 resources page would list recent versions for each distro (though the Ubuntu version here is still the 4.15 kernel version) :

I have installed this version and indeed now the device has a blinking blue led. But if I connect vlc to /dev/video0 it is not able to open the device. the device (/dev/video0) is there and is also user (video group) accessible but somehow the video4linux library used by vlc cannot open the device:
I see this first error in the message window of vlc:
libv4l2: error getting pixformat: No medium found

The problem looks the same as in this thread:

However the provided solution is unclear