Start Streaming - Cloud vs Nano button

I have upgraded from the Webcaster X2 devices to the Nano and I’m working through some basic setup issues.

I have the YouTube destination defined in Epiphan Cloud and it works when I click on the ‘Start Streaming’ link for the device. But, if I press the physical stream button on the device it blinks blue and I get an error message ‘Invalid URL’ on the device in Epiphan Cloud. Is the physical button not linked to Epiphan Cloud directed streaming?


Hi Josh,

I believe this may be a known limitation we are currently investigating, can you confirm which firmware version you are running?

The work-around for now is to create the stream using the Admin interface as opposed to Cloud. Any stream created in the Admin interface will be controllable via the physical button.


We are running firmware version 4.18.0.

So, for clarification, I need to unpair each device from the Cloud and create each destination manually on each device?

Thank you.

No need to unpair the device from Cloud at all! The only limitation is that streams created in Cloud can only be started/stopped in Cloud, but if the stream is created in the admin interface then it can be stopped/started by the physical button, or using the admin interface, or even in Cloud itself.

The reason for this is that when a stream is created in Cloud the streaming information is stored in Cloud and only passed to the Pearl at the time of streaming, but the streaming information isn’t stored on the Pearl itself. Creating the stream in the Admin interface will allow the streaming information to be stored on the Pearl itself which enables use of the physical button or other methods of stop/starting streams.

Hope this makes sense!

This makes perfect sense; thank you.

This workaround did work successfully.

I removed the Cloud created destination (less clutter) and created a destination on each Nano Administrative page under Channel -> Auto -> Streaming.


Perfect! Thanks for the update!