Standby mode? Pearl Nano

I can’t find a standby function for the device. We plan to use the system almost every day at different intervals. I constantly hear the fans spin and the system load is 13% and CPU 42°C when the system is idle. This is spilled energy and will give unneccesary wear to the system.

I do not know how to shut the system down or are users suppose to pull the energy plug out/in of the wall every day they use the system?

Thank you

The Pearl Nano is designed to run 24/7, so there is no standby feature on the device. The only way to shut the Nano down is to remove the power source, either the ethernet cable if it’s Power Over Ethernet, or the normal power cable. I am sorry for the inconvenience and will pass on this feedback to our development team!

Thank you for the reply.

Ok that’s a way to tell we forgotten to program/create an energy friendly device. I get that you want the device to run 24/7 if you want to record or stream 24/7. But if you are not recording or streaming there is no logic about wanting the device to run 24/7 doing nothing but run the fans, use cpu power and consume energy.

It’s a great tool but this is just silly.