Secure hls live stream

hello support team,

Does epiphan encoder support hls live streams in https format??


Pearl offers both HTTP and HTTPS modes for network security. Regardless of the chosen security mode, if the goal is to send an HLS stream over the internet to a streaming server, that should certainly be possible from the channel’s Streaming page under
Stream to server > New stream > HLS Push

Hello sir,

HLS Push will provide https url.

Could you write a url sample for it?



It’s possible there may be some confusion here. I am referring to the HLS push output streaming option to server, such as HLS stream to Youtube. Below is a screenshot of HLS Push stream creation for a channel

This would not be related a direct unicast stream access over a web browser using HLS (limited specifically to iOS devices). HTTPS configuration enabled applies to the Web UI access portal. If an iOS device is accessing the direct unicast stream (on the same local network as Pearl) then HTTPS access would apply.

Hello Mrenaud,

just i need to produce a hls stream like that :-

just like the above format. could we obtain that by importing a public certificate to peal device.


We take security very seriously at Muvi Live. And therefore, in order to safeguard you, your platform, your content, and your end users, we provide you with a platform that has been shown to fight itself against a variety of secure live stream threats and is outfitted with server-side security capabilities. You are protected with Muvi Live from various security risks, including hackers and pirates who want to steal your data, leak video and audio content, and interfere with your platforms.