Problem about Microsoft Teams encoder

I has use Perl mini live steam (RTMP Push) with Microsoft stream encoder and this setting work fine and high quality , but due to Microsoft has announce Stream encoder has retire soon and they launch Microsoft Teams encoder to replace , I try use Perl mini with Microsoft stream encoder (RTMP-In) but not work and return error “Reset by peer”

Please help , Perl mini work with Microsoft steam encoder or not , if work how to use it.


We’ve seen folks use either option, and the “Teams Encoder” is generally more straightforward as Microsoft will provide you with a Stream URL and Key, rather than the compiled one the Microsoft Stream encoder option provides.

Please note, for either options I believe the producer needs be inside the event, this way the event is ready for the RTMP stream from the external encoder, otherwise Microsoft will reject the connection.

If you continue to see connection issues, please reach out at so we can troubleshoot more directly.

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Big thank, Ryan_H , We had test many time but no luck , Until we try put stream key from meeting option to Stream name in Perl mini every thing work fine for now . :grinning:

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Perfect! Thanks for keeping me in the loop!