Pre-Purchase Questions

I am an AV integrator/engineer/programmer. I am very interested in making the Pearl Nano my go to specification for client that need a dead simple streaming solution. That said, I have a few questions:

  • Is there any ability for the Pearl Nano to control PTZ cameras? Most likely, it would be VISCA over IP. It could be just presets or full PTZ control.
  • Are there any settings or functions that you cannot adjust from the front panel and need a PC for?
  • I’m a bit disappointed the Pearl Nano wasn’t designed with at least 1x NDI input support like the Pearl 2. Any chances this is on the horizon?


Pearl Nano allows many settings to be accessed directly from the front screen, however some finer level settings, such as the layout composition creation cannot be accessed from the front screen.
While NDI is not currently a feature that exists, as Pearl Nano continues to see performance improvements and optimization with each firmware update, our development team continues to explore, test and investigate the possibility of NDI support for a future firmware update. The same can be said for features like USB Video support.
As an example, Pearl Mini did not originally support USB video due to resource optimization constraints, however USB video source support has now been available for Pearl Mini for years.

Unfortunately in regards to camera controls, none of our hardware solutions support PTZ or other camera control functions and would require an external third-party controller to address the camera needs.

NDI at least 1 Input available would be really a needed feature today. Especially when working with Teams. Would be great if that is going to be implemented soon in all Pearl devices. Looking forward to find it enabled… thanks in advance