Pearl Nano - Webcam input?

Can the Nano accept a USB webcam as a video input source? The documentation seems to say it can but when I open up the admin panel my Input list says USB Audio. When I add a video source in the Layouts my only options are HDMI, SDI or Auto.

Hello - at the current time Nano can ingest UAC (audio) sources but not UVC (Video) over USB - however, we do want to add UVC capture in the future.

If you would be so kind, could you please elaborate on your use case and the types of problems having UVC capture would solve for you?

Thanks for the response. I am building a video recording booth and the idea was to have a webcam into the Nano for recording.

Understood - attaching a webcam directly to the Nano would certainly be convenient, but sometimes the quality of webcams can be lacking compared to other options. Granted, there are some really good webcams out there nowadays!

I am curious, in you use case would it be possible to use other types of connections like HDMI, SDI or network based like SRT or RTSP?