Pearl Nano to Youtube streaming Audio level get low on few computer/smartphone

We have started to youtube stream using pearl nano since Mar 2020. We got live chat from youtube live stream complain about audio level not enough.

I need to make sure audio level input with -18 to 19 db level, otherwise some people complain sound/aduio leve did not enough; but Apple series device (ipad, iphone) did not have such issue.

We found these small amount PC/laptop watch other youtube video with enough sound level already (laptop use 50%) , but low volume on our youtube live stream video. It made us difficult to explain on whole case.

Any suggestion/test step to troublesoot my case ?

Hello Edward_Yuen,

Great question! There are certainly a few variables here. For example, like you’ve mentioned, depending of the device the YouTube stream is accessed on, volume can appear to be low or just fine.

To ensure the audio level streamed to YouTube from the Pearl Nano is as loud as possible without distorting or clipping (maxing out the Pearl Nano audio input), please check your audio input levels.

You can check your audio level on the Nano in the RCA/XLR input page via the Pearl Admin panel:

Hope this helps!