Pearl Nano streaming interruption while plugging monitor

Hi, I had what I felt like a serious issue with the Pearl Nano while streaming live.

I have set the Nano into just streaming mode with only one output to Youtube via HLS. I also have set the HDMI out to be my confidence monitor in multiview mode for controlling audio levels, streaming status etc.

So what happened was that I started the live stream while I forgot to plug the display into the HDMI out port. When I plugged it in during the live stream it immediately got interrupted. I had to start the stream to be live again.

Even if this was my slackness I would expect the HDMI port to be independent from any of the other operations. Is this a bug or expected by Epiphan?


Hi Morten,

Sorry to hear about this and thanks for contacting us. What’s most likely occurring here is that the encoding setting “use current signal resolution as frame size” is enabled on the Nano’s encoding page.

When this option is enabled the Pearl will read the current signal resolution of the input added to the main layout and change the encoding resolution to match.

This makes it more convenient for the user as they don’t have to manually define the encoding resolution, however the drawback is if the signal changes resolution that will cause the Pearl to change the encoding resolution which will restart the stream and any recordings currently taking place.

Going forward simply disable this option and define the resolution manually and this shouldn’t occur again!

Hope this helps, if not please let us know.


That has indeed solved the problem. Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful response.
Now the only thing remaining that is bugging me a bit is that I cannot set the frame rate of the HDMI out. I want 50 fps but it is default 60 fps supposedly (however not a deal breaker at the moment)

Really glad to hear that solved the issue! To the point of the HDMI output, we are looking into options for more control over this, however it’s tricky because generally the output will read the EDID of the connected display, so it’s actually the display that is asking for 60hz.

One thing to keep in mind here however is that there is a difference between refresh rate (hz) and frame rate (fps). If you encode at 50fps you will be sending that out over the HDMI output, even if the connected display wants 60hz, the Pearl will not add any extra frames, it will technically be 50fps encapsulated in a 60hz stream, so the information is still there and correct, just re-formatted to fit the display.