Pearl Nano - Recording to external hard drive

I’ve attached an external hard drive to our new Pearl Nano. I can see the HDD listed under External Storage, but cannot figure out how to set up recording to it. Under the Program heading/storage, I see a red box saying storage is not available. Same thing under Automatic File Upload. Our installers recommended using an external drive to do this, but I’m seeing something in the user guide saying that internal storage must be used. Is there a way to record to an external drive, or must I use internal storage?

Hello DaveK!

To record using the Pearl Nano you will need insert an SD Card or install a M.2 2280 SATA SSD. The SSD contact points are accessed by removing the drive bay cover on the bottom of the Nano.

Finished recordings can be automatically transferred to external storage via USB or a networked server/storage using AFU. Once the recordings are successfully transferred, they can be marked as downloaded or automatically removed from the internal storage.

Alternatively, you can choose “One-time copy/move (upon insertion)” from the External USB drive heading within the Pearl Admin page to have all recordings transferred the instant a USB storage device is connected to the Nano.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Ryan, very helpful!

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No problem Dave - Happy to help!