Pearl Nano: H.265 Streaming to Enhanced RTMP [YouTube]

YouTube now offers Enhanced RTMP streaming, allowing the use of H.265 (HEVC) ingestion.

I have tried this with software based OBS Studio and it works.

When configuring my Pearl Nano to stream H.265 to YouTube RTMP it fails.

Is there something I’m missing?

This is a very good find! I believe the issue here is the Enhanced RTMP is an update to the RTMP protocol itself, which would most likely require a firmware update on our side to benefit from the features inherent.

I have made a feature request for updating Pearl Nano to have Enhanced RTMP and this can be referenced with us using feature code: PROGMD-324

Please note, this feature will need to be investigated and assessed so I wouldn’t be able to say if and when it would be released.

Thank you.

It would be very useful to have, especially if making the Pearl Nano portable and using often limited-bandwidth mobile data.

We found HLS provided too much of a delay to be realistic solution for our uses.

Details on Enhanced RTMP:

Perfect - added the git to the feature request!


Is there any news update on this?

Thank you.


Just wanted to let you know that we are analyzing this feature - noting that we won’t know about a full possible implementation until a full evaluation is completed. I have added you to the feature request for which you should be notified of progress.

Thank you for the update.

I note that this feature is now out of beta and officially implemented by YouTube.

Indeed! Once we know more we will reach out

Six months on…

Any news?




Thanks for reaching back out and sorry I missed this!

Enhanced RTMP is still an active feature request but there is no timeline as to if and/or when it will be available. We do support HLS which can be streamed to YouTube, and YouTube not too long ago joined the SRT alliance, so it may be possible to stream SRT to YouTube at some point in the future.

Thanks for getting back with a reply.

I’m guessing after six months the answer is it won’t actually be implemented.

Unfortunately HLS gives too much of a delay on live streams designed for interactivity.

Maybe SRT in the future, as you say, or simply use OBS Studio instead and not a Pearl.

I’ll take this thread as concluded. Cheers.

It is certainly possible other protocols/features may take priority over Enhanced RTMP, and that might be the case when compared to SRT which has packet recovery, up to AES-256 encryption, latency adjustment and other settings for streaming over non-ideal networks.

OBS can certainly stream SRT. While every person’s needs are different, we normally recommend a hardware solution like Pearl for ease of use, reliability, and support.

Happy to help with or answer any other questions you may have!

It’s OK, I understand what you’re saying.

I will simply adapt and move on and use software solutions for RTMP Enhanced when needed and Pearl other times.

This topic was just an FYI but at least we all know now that Enhanced RTMP isn’t coming to Epiphan hardware and can work with that knowledge.


Understood - and indeed, I think we will see more and more platforms supporting SRT, as will YouTube, noting we were one of three encoders officially supported by YouTube for their SRT beta program.

I’d love to use SRT with YouTube but YouTube doesn’t give me that option.

Indeed - this will likely be a future feature on YouTube that will be available, and hopefully soon!


It’s been six months in beta with YouTube but knowing Google it could be another six (or never).

We shall see!