Pearl Nano external hard drive

I am looking at attaching an external hard drive to my pearl nano. what I want to do is have the Nano record to the SD card and then use AFU to copy to the external.
Is this possible and if possible, any external hard drive size limits?
what format should the external hard, FAT32 or NTFS?
I read that if the recorded files are larger that 4 gigs the USB drive should be formatted in NTFS. Is this the same for the external hard drive?
I have read AFU or copy to USB (
I did not see any requirements.


You can certainly attach an external SSD or HDD as additional storage to copy or transfer recorded files from the SD card to the external USB storage. You can do this automatically with AFU functions or manually with the “External Storage” options menu in the Web UI.

While we do not list any hard-limits on external USB storage sizes, our QA team has only officially tested up to 5TB USB storage sizes. It’s possible a larger storage drive might work, but we have not officially tested against it.

You would be correct that FAT32 formatting would limit the individual recorded file sizes to a maximum of 4GB. The format option would apply to all types of storage - USB or otherwise. For this reason, if you need larger video file sizes, NTFS would be the best formatting option compared to FAT32

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Thank you for the support and we formatted the USB drives to NTFS and they are working great.
We formatted a 5TB external hard drive to NTFS and connected it to the Nano via the USB port. The Nano does not see the attached drive. Is there something that I am missing?
I try to setup the AFU but not seeing the hard drive. We are saving first to SD card and then using AFU to move the files to the external drive.

Our QA has tested two 5TB external storage drives in the past to ensure it’s possible, however we do not QA test against all drives. It’s possible it could be a compatibility issue with that drive. The two tested drives from QA were Western Digital and Crucial. Unfortunately I do not have any additional details available for them

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