Pearl Nano Audio Delay

I have a new Pearl Nano and have discovered that it is necessary to delay the audio when recording. This occurs on both the HDMI and SDI inputs. If I record to the SD card then it is 200ms that is needed on either the HDMI or SDI inputs. If I use the M2 then it is 300ms on either input.

I can guarantee the sources are feeding correct synchronized audio because I am also recording the test on a Pearl 2 and those are in perfect sync with zero delay. This seems to be only happening on the Pearl Nano.

Why is this necessary? Is this normal or do I have a challenged device?


This is quite odd and not something we have heard of before. To clarify, how are you confirming the audio sync delay, is it through the recordings created on the Pearl Nano? Does the same de-sync occur when viewing the local “Live broadcast” link accessible on the status page of the channel?

It might also be a good idea to check firmware, is it on the latest version 4.15.0h? Occasionally it may be necessary to do a factory reset of the Nano and re-test on the default configuration. Please be aware that a factory reset will delete all user configurations and recordings. You can backup your configuration on the Maintenance page of the admin portal and download to the local machine.

If none of the above works we may need to move the troubleshooting to a ticket which you can open automatically by email

Best regards,

  • Adam

Hi Adam,

It’s very weird, but also very consistent.

My signal chain is laptop with sync test video playing, into a switcher, outputs are into a DA, then output 1 goes to a Pearl 2, output 2 goes to a Pearl Nano. I have done this DA split with SDI and HDMI and get the same result.

Recording on the Pearl 2, the subsequent recorded video file is in sync. Looking at the live streaming of the input, the Pearl 2 is in sync.

Recording on the Pearl Nano, the subsequent recorded video is out of sync and the audio is 200 or 300 ms ahead of the video. If using the SD card to record it’s 200ms, if using the M2 it is 300ms. Looking at the live streaming of the input it is equally out of sync.

The firmware is the latest 4.15.0h. I will do a factory reset on the unit to see if that makes a difference. It will be Monday before I can get in to do that, but I will post my findings asap.

Understood on all points thanks for that! Please do keep us updated with your findings.

I’d be really curious to see what happens if you connected the laptop directly to the Nano as a test. The way the Nano ingests video is not exactly the same as the Pearl 2, I wonder if something in that signal chain is causing this de-sync due to those slight differences.

Another interesting test would be to check the sync using the HDMI passthrough on the Nano, this would bypass the encoding pipeline and if there was still a sync issue that would lean us more towards signal chain for further investigation.