Pearl Nano API errors

We are testing the starting and stopping of the encoder using the API. We have gotten it work on one encoder but the second is giving us an error: Not found section “vgabroadcasterlite1/publish/0” for parameter “publish_type”.
Just would like to know if anyone has seen this error before.
I have verified that the setup if the encoders are the same and they are both getting the same freed.
Security settings are identical.


Can you provide more context?

What is the exact command string you are using?
What are you attempting to do - start a configured stream, start many streams, start a specific stream within a list of configured streams?
Something else entirely?

sorry for the delay in response. I think I have solved it. For some reason we are not able to create a RTMP push stream from scratch. There has to be an stream and we are able to changed the URL and security key.

You are correct that the current API does not allow for creating additional streams like RTMP - it would change the existing logical stream.

If no streams are created/defined, then the API command would create and define the stream within the channel

Our dev team is aware of this limitation and looking at improvements in the next iteration of API commands for a future release

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