Pearl 1 flashing issue

Dear Epiphan team,

We experience some streaming issue and we are asking for help.

Currently we have an encoder Epiphan Pearl 1 device that we are having flashing problem with in the video when we publish.

Specifically, it happens when we configure the input resolution to 1080p, frame rate to 30 Hz, and the encoding resolution to 720p, frame rate to 30 Hz (it occurs when we use one or two sources simultaneously).

We also experiment the issue when we have the input and encoding resolution to 1080p, frame rate to 30 Hz, and use two sources simultaneously.

Do you know what the root cause is and how to fix it?

Thank you.


Please create a ticket via, sharing with us a video of what you’re seeing on your end so we may help. The Pearl-1 has been discontinued for some number years now, but we are still happy to support you using it.

Talk soon,