Panopto recorder


We are looking for a local panopto recorder with an extended API.

Wenn need the funtionality, the a dual stream will be recorded, and will be placed in a given user folder under a self configured session name in the panopto cloud.

AND after upload: will panopto analyze the movies to make sure the the text search and undertitling option is possible?

THX and greetings


Hello Chriss0212!

All of our Pearl encoders have direct integration with Panopto, including a deep feature set of API functionality.

I believe it would be best if you booked a demo with our team to talk more in-depth about your use case and how we might be able to help!

You can do so by navigating through the following link:

Looking forward to chatting with you more directly!

Hi Christian,

This is the expected and default behavior with our Pearl family encoders! Scheduled recording and streaming events are sent directly to the desired folder tree destination. For streams (webcasts), you can also configure a local recording asset which is then uploaded to Panopto when complete to replace the webcast stream. This can be particularly helpful in situations where a network outage occurs during an event.

We have a full HTTP API available for larger integrations, a free Crestron module available for our Pearl family devices directly on their website, and for older third-party control environments, an RS-232 command list available

In addition, you can create adhoc-based recording or streaming events directly from the touchscreen of Pearl Mini or Pearl-2 using Panopto credentials or Single-Sign-On credentials of your institution. You can designate the length of an event, the folder destination of choice, among other parameters.

Scheduled events on Panopto will also appear on our devices’ “Events” page listing all events up to 2 weeks in advance. Notifications will appear on the front screens of the devices 30 min in advance of an event, and can even allow you to start/stop events early, pause and extend ongoing events. It is a complete automated experience if desired as well. At the time of the scheduled events Pearl will Start and Stop the event based on the pre-defined schedule

We also have Epiphan Cloud which can centralize and facilitate all institution-wide deployment of devices! It’s your command center for all Epiphan devices giving you access to a global event calendar, a device-level calendar for your panopto events, time-saving batch actions like bulk firmware updates, device grouping, as well as diagnostic features, error reporting, push notifications and more!

Thx for the detailed answer!
That means, that the upload function after the recording is no problem.
Can i record and upload 2 streams from the devices to panopto? For eg. one camera stream, one presentation stream?
And: will the uploades stream later on analyzed by panopto to have the “Panopto’s Smart Search and speech-to-text processing”?
Thx a lot.

Absolutely! Panopto will always transcode and analyze the video content for Smart search and speech-to-text processing. Those features should inherently be available with your Panopto account.

Pearl Mini has been highly sought after and used in traditional lecture capture environments with your exact use case in mind. Each video source is uploaded as a separate recorded element to Panopto which gives the viewer or student the user-selectable view for better focus and access