No signal: Birddog P400 SDI into Epiphan Pearl Nano

Hi All,
I am sending 4k SDI from a Birddog P400. I am not seeing any signal into the Epiphan Pearl Nano when I cycle power and go to SDI. Any ideas or trouble shooting ideas?

I’m sorry you’re running into issues with your Pearl Nano! There are a few things we can try to troubleshoot this issue.

First, have you purchased and activated the 4k add-on with the Pearl Nano? By default the Nano is not able to ingest 4k signals and will simply read ‘No Signal’. In a similar vein, are you seeing ‘No Signal’ or a black screen? If the latter there might be some sort of HDCP interaction interfering with the video signal, as the Pearl is not capable of ingesting HDCP encrypted video either.

Are there any other devices involved in this signal chain? Any converters or switchers, anything like that? If so, try removing them and simplifying the signal chain as much as possible to test.

Do you have a different SDI source, ideally no larger than 1920x1080 resolution, that you can test with the Pearl Nano to ensure that it’s able to see that signal? Are you able to test the Birddog P400 with a standard monitor to check that it is sending a signal out properly over the SDI?

Finally, what firmware version is the Pearl Nano running? If not updated to at least version 4.16 the 4k add-on will not activate even if it has been purchased, as 4k functionality wasn’t added until 4.16.

Hopefully, one of these will help us get to the bottom of the issue, if not you can also send us a ticket at and we can more easily share information, such as permanent logs and configuration presets.