No sdi audio after a while offline

I use SDI audio with my pearl Nano. 1080p.

The unit stays on via the ethernet port 24/7 and I have noticed if it is on for a while without video/audio input and then I send it video/audio there will be no audio. If I reboot the device the audio will instantly start working by unplugging and re-plugging the ethernet cable.

Is there a way to make the audio work after several hours of no input even if the device has been left on? I cannot control the power of the network as it is something provided by the IT side of campus.


-Michael Shoaf

Hi Michael,

That’s certainly odd and unexpected behavior. It’s possible we could be looking at some sort of bug or environmental issue that’s triggering it. This will require some larger troubleshooting with additional information such as permanent logs and rough date/time of the disappearing. This will allow us to dig into this to determine the cause and correct it

Please send us an email at with the description of your issue, as well as the permanent logs from your device.

Permanent logs can be found on the Maintenance page near the top.
If permanent logs were not previously enabled, you will need to enable it from the check box and wait until the issue reappears so that it can be logged within the permanent logs.

Any resolution to this issue. I am having the same issue with a pearl nano running most recent firmware.

We have a second Nano that has a video with embedded audio connected all the time and to not have this issue with missing audio.


The last thing they asked me was to factory reset but I can’t do it right now as I’m in production.


Are you working with a CMS that kicks off the recordings, i.e. are they scheduled recordings?


Just come in and turn on the system.

SDI audio drop is not something we have seen more than a handful of times in the field. So, as Mat suggested, this may indeed be a bug on our end but we would need to do more investigation to determine the cause.

Could you both please download permanent and temporary logs and send these to

Instructions for downloading permanent logs
Navigate to Pearl WebUI -> Maintenance -> download permanents logs

Instructions for downloading temporary logs
If the issue occurs, before reboot enter the following browser based command into your browser URL field

For example:


I just sent my logs to [] as I am still having the issue.

Sorry we don’t live stream every show so this is why it is coming up again.


Hello again - thank you so much for sending in the requested logs. I can see that Adam is working on your ticket (#8011).

You’re in good hands with Adam and we look forward to digging into this.