Nano - Can PC or Mac see Nano USB3 as Webcam

If a Pearl Nano was connected to a Mac or PC via the USB3 port would the connected computer see the Nano as a WebCam input? So the Nano output could be a source to MS Teams or Zoom or other software. Does a Nano provide the same functionality as a AV.IO from the USB3 port?

For example, there would be a 12G-SDI signal coming into the Nano. I’d like to connect the Nano via ethernet to a network AND USB3 to a computer at the same time and stream out to Youtube via the ethernet port and via Teams / Zoom via the computer in HD resolution.

Is this possible?

Thank you for reaching out with this question! Unfortunately, the USB ports on the Nano are only usable for storage media, USB audio, or USB controllers such as a keyboard or mouse. To get the video out of the Pearl and into a PC you would need a capture card of some sort, such as our AVio series.

You could also output an SRT signal from the Nano, and ingest that via a program like OBS, this can be a little bit tricky though so I would definitely recommend testing it out well ahead of any sort of program or event.

I hope that this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions we can help with, thanks!

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Thanks for the reply and info on the Nano USB port.

That’s a shame it does not offer that feature!

Does the AVIO 4k offer UHD to HD downscaling as an option? As I will have a 12G-SDI source signal, then will need to convert that to HDMI for the AVIO 4k. I’d rather like to avoid purchasing a more expensive UHD to HD converter like a Decimator 12G Cross if the AVIO has this feature, if the AVIO 4k does have hardware down-conversion then a Blackmagic 12G Micro converter costing x3 less would be all I need.

You’re welcome, I am sorry we don’t have such a feature, as well as for the delay in my response! The AVio 4k simply accepts whatever video signal is passed to it, and then the software that is using the video signal from the AVio requests a specific resolution. For instance, if you were using OBS you would just set it to request 1920x1080, and it would handle adjusting the resolution of the image.

I hope that this makes sense, please feel free to reach out to us at if you have specific questions!


Will you be more elaborate about the OBS thing that you mentioned?

Hell Nuwan,
Sure! OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software, and it’s a free and open source application for live streaming and recording. If you were using a capture card like the AVio 4k with OBS you would simply add a new video source and then select Video Capture Device. Once that’s done you would modify the settings as needed. This is how the software can request a specific resolution from the capture card.

I hope that this makes sense, if you have further questions you can ask here, or send us an email at