Live Stream Interruption

New to the forum, thanks for the add. I’m the media tech for a large church in sw Florida and no, I’m not a volunteer. We just added a Pearl Nano after some horrible experiences with Teradek. I love the unit and it’s ease of use but twice now my live stream has been interrupted by the internet getting knocked out and/or as we experienced yesterday a momentary power outage. The lights flickered for a second and its very common down here. The encoder stopped streaming, the connect light flashed blue and I got an error message on the screen. Is there an auto reconnect on this unit or do I have to set up another live stream? We stream to Youtube. I’ve fixed the internet issue by streaming hard wired and by wi fi to 2 different internet sources and within another week we’ll have a fiber optic connection. Any help is appreciated.

Hello and welcome!

It sounds like there have been some environment network interruptions, possibly the network loses connection to your internet service provider during these incidents. Glad to hear you’re working on adding some redundancy into your streaming and recording signal chain. You could even further look into connecting the Nano and any other crucial infrastructure gear to UPS (battery backups) to mitigate disconnections and power loss.

As for the Pearl Nano, and is true for all Pearl devices, the unit will attempt to restart perpetually any outgoing stream from a channel until successfully connecting. Similarly, if the unit itself lost power, upon reboot it would attempt to return to the previous state; streaming and recording, if doing so before losing power!

Thanks much for your quick response. Unfortunately upon rebooting the unit stayed in error mode and the blue stream button just flashed. I even shut it down and restarted by pushing the button again but it started flashing again. I have a UPS coming in this week and to battle the internet issue I have the unit hard wired to my internet and also have the wi fi accessing the Verizon service that we were using. Both are kinda sketchy at the moment but if one fails the other takes over, and it’s worked. We’ll keep plugging away. Thanks again.

Happy to help and if you have any further questions, please let us know. Hopefully the network becomes more stable with the enhancements you’ve made