Layout swap thru config preset recalls

Hi everyone,
has anyone succesfully tried to change layout of the channel through configuration preset, without any impact on the record or stream of the channel itself ?
Is these configuration preset recallable throught API ?
Thanks you all.

Unfortunately, configuration presets are system level changes which would immediately stop recording and streaming to apply.

In regards to the API command, unfortunately in the current published API there is no way to apply a configuration preset

Mathieu, thanks for your return.
Too bad to ear this, this nano could complitely beat SMP with these few extra things.

  • We just need some few configurable layouts, with just hdmi slides and a cam (PIP up Left, PIP up right, AB sidebyside, fulll A, fullB, at least) and an easy way to recall them…
    Maybe a reasonnable extra “Micro” licence could be fair because I can’t believe the gear couldn’t do the job ?
    and we don’t need tactile screen and end user interacts…