Input Fallback Source

Hi all,

On the Nano, if say one input is the primary source, and signal is lost, can it automatically revert to the other source as a backup input without user intervention?

Good question!

Generally, the “auto” input, as seen in the default “auto” channel when first booting up a Pearl Nano is for the purpose of auto detecting if an input is connected. Once an input is detected and video data is captured, other connected inputs will not be allowed to take over. This is to aid users who are first setting up a Pearl device, but not specifically coded to provide redundancy.

Theoretically, if the either of the SDI or HDMI sources is autodetected, but the source as seen in the layout turns off completely or is disconnected, the other connected source may then be autodetected and displayed, automatically. However, it’s possible a source that is turned “off” could still be sending data or power, which could impede the auto feature from autodetecting the other source, so it might not work as described in your question!

I hope this helps!