How to bypass an "&'' in password while file uploading to CIFS

Just trying to upload files to a CIFS share (using Epiphan nano). Our service account has an & in its password that I think it’s breaking the CIFS 1.0 authentication handshake. I dont manage to escape it.
Is this possible at all?

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Pearl doesn’t support special characters and so this would explain the issue here I believe. In order to “bypass” the & you could use an ascii equivalent character(s).

You can simply google to “text to ascii converter” and you should find many results. I’ve taken the liberty of searching for & and the ascii equivalent would be “38” (without quotes).

Hope this helps!

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  • Adam

Thank you Adam for you reply.

How I should pass the ascii to the password input widget at the admin nano file upload configuration page? I tried to pass it in octal using an ‘\046’ or in hex: ‘x26’ but I dont manage. The first one because \ is not allowed.

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You should simply be able to use the ascii equivalent directly in the password field. For example if the password was pb&j you would use pb38j in the password field.

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It did work like: & HTML encoded.
Thank you!