Firmware 4.5.1 for Pearl, Pearl Mini & Pearl-2 is now available

Firmware 4.5.1 features some new functionality as well as some important changes, including:

New features:

  • Secure remote login so you can perform remote rescue troubleshooting, channel configuration, and more when you pair your system channels with a free AV Studio account.
  • Pearl and Pearl-2 now support channel as a source, which takes the output from one channel and uses that as the input for another channel.
  • Mirror the video output to flip the video that appears on the video output port.

Changes to how audio works:

  • When adding multiple audio sources to the same layout, their volume stays constant and no longer decreases as more audio sources are added.
  • Some analog audio inputs that were configured as stereo pairs by default can now be configured to operate as separate mono inputs, like the four XLR inputs on Pearl-2 and the four 1/4" TRS inputs on Pearl.
  • For audio inputs that share the same audio input label in the channel layout editor, either one or both audio sources can now be assigned to that audio input using the Admin panel.
  • Analog audio inputs can now be muted using the Admin panel.

Changes to some UI terms:

  • In the Channel menu, the option to select the custom layout editor changed from Sources to Layouts, and the Branding menu option changed to Metadata.
  • In the Configuration menu, the Branding option changed to Media.
  • We also renamed the Sources menu to Inputs.

Use the built-in firmware update feature to upgrade your system.