Feature Request - Layout Transitions

I haven’t seen this yet anywhere.
I would really appreciate if we could get even a basic transition fade effect between layouts.

I want to use the layout feature to enhance my webcasts but the cut jumps are so jarring.

I currently use a Roland V1-HD to transition and do PIP and lower thirds but I can’t do HD cropping or side by side custom layouts with graphics. :slight_smile:


Transitions is a fairly common request and is something we are investigating for a future update. However our research suggests that the vast majority of users would use a simple cut, as it is now, so it unfortunately has not been a high priority.
Generally speaking the cut on the Pearl’s is pretty clean, what are you finding so jarring? Do you have a link to an example you could share?

A simple dissolve would be appropriate for going into and coming out of a video insert, for example, or even just an opening sequence. I can see where that might be appropriate in certain settings, like a church service, for example.

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I don’t need anything fancy.
I find jump cuts annoying and disorienting.

A simple cross fade makes the viewing experience more relaxing, enjoyable and easier to follow.


I agree, a simple fade/cross dissolve would be a nice addition.


Im doing live music shows and it would be amazing to be able to do a slow transitional crossfade! PLEASE EPIPHAN! haha! Love the Pearl 2


Yes a simple crossfade will a amazing.
Please consider…

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Also desperately need a transition so we can move from title cards/intro credits to our live broadcast. and via remote access in AV Studio. Surely this can’t be that tough to implement. I’ve been asking for years now and nothing has been done.

I agree a simple fade effect would be huge improvement for the Pearl 2. ! just opened the box and was surprised not to have this feature.


@GeorgeHerbert This would be nice as well, the option to dissolve/cut is essential!


Please add transitions for layouts! Thank you!

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I’m evaluating to buy a pearl 2, but I’m completely surprised that no transitions are possible.
OBS, ATEM (even mini) have very flexible transition capabilities.
When can this be expected?
Fade is the most logical one, reveal makes it possible to simulate animation for lower thirds.

This might become a criteria in my current comparison.

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Always asked by clients if I can do dissolves. Even asked for a wipe once, but dissolves would be nice. We use dissolves to match content. If video playback and graphic content uses .5 second dissolve we usually set that as our default transitions. I usually dissolve graphics, keys, lower thirds in / out and cut cameras. Also dissolve can be used on multi camera productions for effects, like proper framing of cameras and dissolve them together for example a violinist playing a solo; show a close up of his / her face and also their hands, dissolved together. Or fireworks on top of a singer… etc at nauseam. so yes, pls pls pls add dissolve transition, thanks !

This just in… Lost a job today because my Pearl 2 cannot do dissolves. Seems like it shouldn’t be too hard to add transition effects. Kinda bummed with the work slowdown to lose a job. All the other encoder switch boxes like the tricaster have a suite of transitions.

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+1 for the transitions, also for Audio.

Agreed - some sort of cross-fade between layouts would be super handy for portable setups! Right now I have to set up our Roland V-1SDI switcher (plus an extra monitor to display it on) just to get smooth fade transitions between inputs. If this could be added via a software update to the Pearl Mini that would be fantastic!

Please bump this up a bit on the priority list - it’d be a useful feature for a lot of users I think!

Also - is there a way to add a down-stream keyer to the Pearl Mini?

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Hi! We definitely need this functionality here as well. Please make this addition a high priority. Thank you very much.

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I don’t think they can make the Pearl 2 do transitions and that’s why they haven’t given an adequate response. It’s a shame. My church currently has a Pearl 2 on order. I’m going to have to cancel it after checking out this forum.

Hi George, any updates on this? Does the Pearl have capacity for this? Also loading video into layouts would really make my productions so much smoother. It’s currently such a workaround headache

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These features are on the roadmap of things we want to do but no firm dates are currently assigned.