Feature Request - Layout Transitions

I have to agree 100%. Also used in a church setting and while it works great, a nice fade would be appreciated.


I would also like to +1 having transitions. I was little surprised to find that such an expensive piece of hardware doesn’t have this feature.


Simply put, transitions for a lot of people would mean that they don’t have to use another piece of equipment. This should mean a lot for Epiphan as it means the Pearl2 is more of a boxed system that can do everything (as it is advertised). I’m a fan of the Pearl2 but for many customers, ‘production switching’ or transitions is imperative and honestly an expected feature.

Thanks for making awesome gear! Please update the Pearl2 to allow for production switching!


I don’t know. I have to think that a majority of users would love to have a simple dissolve.


Here to research the capabilities of the Pearl 2 for a church that I am looking to work with in the near future that already has one in their setup. Very disappointed to find that it has no simple transition capabilities and will likely be pushing them away from these products in the future if that isn’t rectified. Otherwise, it seems to be a pretty powerful piece of hardware but with be eagerly awaiting an update that can add some sort of dissolve or fade.

Wow, almost 2 years since the first post, what a mess, nothing has happened. When this is going to happen in the roadmap, or we just having a detour??
i’ve been using the Pearl2 for about 2 years and to have transitions is a must! Specially when you have a Chroma Key. No doubt, that is a great piece of hardware but guys, is not a cheap piece of hardware, so please add the transitions or just a fade…

probably these features will be filled into a pearl3 :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Any updates? Adding even a simple crossfade would be easy. For a company that considers itself a leader in the video streaming world, shouldn’t a $6,000 investment include what OBS does for free? Considering selling our Pearl-2 if we can’t meet our clients’ needs.

Hello PipemanStudios

We do understand your frustrations and the frustrations of others who have been requesting transitions for some time now. I have highlighted your post to the greater team. Transitions features have been something we want to deliver to our clients, especially those like you who see great value in this in addition to the others things we have and are implementing. While transitions are not available right now, hopefully in the future they will be.

Thank you for your response- Is there a timeline or rough estimate as to when this feature might be implemented? Sounds like it’s just a couple lines of code, although I admit I’m no programmer. We’re looking at launching a new streaming service for clients in 2023 and this has been the biggest request.

Hi PipemanStudios,

We’d like to get your feedback on specifically what you’re looking for in terms of a transitions feature! I’ve sent you a direct message with details on how to get in touch.


Just googled this and would have loved to have just a simple crossfade mix transition today for our giant corporate meeting. My event director was constantly asking for it. I absolutely love the Pearls with Teams.

Bumping this thread to again put this on the radar of Epiphan!

Thank you everyone for your interest in improving our Pearl products! Your feedback is being heard, and hopefully we’ll see transitions on Pearl in the future!

Hope to see this in the NEAR future! :wink: :+1: