Embeding live stream in website

Hey, I hope you are having a great day. I’m working for a client who wants to create a website (local-network) to access the live streams. I’m not sure what kind of output this device will generate, i.e…mp3 etc. To put it simply, if we want to include YouTube or Facebook streams in a webpage, we can simply do it by pasting their URL as input, but I’m not sure in this case. Any leads/suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks

Hello Ariba_ayaz,

Typically, as you’ve mentioned, in order to have an embedded stream/video on a website, you would need some type of third-party way of hosting this. Services like YouTube, Facebook, etc. certainly offer this functionality; creating an embedded video player for either service inside a webpage that links back to the originating source (YouTube, Facebook, etc). In theory, if the Pearl was local to your website server (on the same network), you could open the live broadcast links seen on the status page, or ingest one of the other unicast streams seen here.

However, streaming local unicast data off your network to a website that is hosted in the cloud could prove difficult and may come with networking security risks. This would be beyond our scope to help with. There would also be a limit to the number of people that could view an ongoing live stream at any given time if hosted from Pearl, as each variant of the Pearl device is limited by its networking adapter and computational capabilities at a certain point.

You wouldn’t run into these functional limitations with a dedicated streaming service like YouTube and Facebook as they use massive server farms, many, many, many times more powerful than a single device.

I hope this helps!

Well, it’s the customer requirement that he only wants to operate/stream video on the local network, so I guess I can directly embed the stream link in a webpage that would operate locally.

If all other devices will be on the same network as the Pearl device, you could certainly do that. However, there would be no player features as the Pearl device doesn’t offer a playback mechanism. The Live Broadcast link would simply show what is occurring live.

Depending on the Pearl product you choose, the number of devices watching the stream will be limited eventually. Typically, these are the expected limit of live connections to a Pearl Device:

Pearl Nano: 6-10
Pearl Mini 10-20
Pearl-2 50-100