Embed Pearl HLS stream into a local webpage without CORS issues?

Hi All,

I’m building a local webpage that I’d like to embed the pearl HLS stream into an HTML 5 video element. Eventually this webpage will become apart of a chrome extension and bundled into a chrome app. The brick wall that I’m running into is that the pearl does not seem to support Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) and denies the request for the stream while viewing the webpage in the chrome browser. Things work great when I view the webpage in safari (HLS native) so I know the webpage is doing the job correctly.

I’ve attempted to use a CORS proxy, which eventually just times out. Now I’m thinking of a solution where I can have a local server re-broadcast the pearl feed as well as be the local web server, which I think would eliminate the CORS issues. what do you all think?

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I am in the same boat! Chrome extensions such as Native HLS or Play hls works. Have you found a different solution. I am attempting to use hls.js player to play locally with html5 on digital signage however the github cdn does not like my non https encoder.

My next step is to clone the repository on my own site (http) and or locally to play the content.

Native HLS

Play HLS M3u8

Hey Allen, Thanks for the links, and some thoughts on your trials. I have not yet found a work around or solid solution, but will be working on this in the coming weeks. I’ll keep you posted on my findings.

I think that your approach of doing things locally will probably be the way things have to work with the security restrictions. What kind of Digital Sinage systems are you building?

curious did
you ever come to a solution?

did you find a solution?