Config an SRT stream over a VLAN

Hello, a new user trying to setup an SRT stream from a Nano (caller) thru a VLAN to a Listener - Castus Quick Roll QR Playback Server. Have had IT check that all internal switch/firewall configs/rules are forwarding traffic between the Nano (static IP) and the QR (static). All internal traffic is over fiber within a municipality. Just different domains. In the Nano, I config a stream to send SRT (caller) stream to a static IP of the QR decoder static IP with both devices using the same port number 3000 in the SRT URL. I hit stream key. Got connecting message but also got timed out message. Anyone had similar issues? I’m betting on a pilot error in my basic Nano config. I’m a very experienced user with AJA Helo w RTMP but am trying to keep video traffic within the Town’s fiber infrastructure vs out to a CDN and back into my Quick Roll (RTMP). So want to use SRT. Any example of a similar working configuration would be appreciated. Many thanks.