Audio monitoring


is there a possibility for monitoring the incoming audio in the pearl box which has no headphone jack?
Are there any hardware solutions instead of connecting a notebook via ethernet and make use of the browser interface?

I already tried to connect a little USB Audio I/O on the usb ports of the box. But it didn’t work out.

It would be very helpful if someone has a (hardware) solution for that. The aim is to remove the notebook from the Streaming Setup but not to replace the pearl box with the newer ones.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Matthias, the only option here would be to output the channel on one of the Mini Displayport outputs. Then this can easily be routed to a monitor/tv that has speakers.

Alternatively, if you need to go to headphones, this would be possible but with a string of adapters: Mini Displayport to HDMI, HDMI audio extractor, then a Headphone amplifier. For example something like these should work:

Of course other sources for such products also would work, such as Amazon or B&H.

Thanks! That will work for us.