After update to 4.15.0h, can't login to admin console

See title. Please help. I didn’t setup any password before. I was able to get in to the panel first time without any password. After that, I updated the device with the latest firmware and then I am not able to reach the console anymore. It said the url took too long to respond. It also didn’t ask me to login. Please help!!!

If your Pearl Mini is using DHCP network connection, it’s possible the IP Address for the device changed. You can verify this from the touchscreen by clicking on the settings gear icon and clicking on “system status” page to see the current IP address and device information.

I would also recommend clearing your browser cache as this can be affected after major firmware updates that are still caching the old firmware browser. You can clear browser cache on Windows by pressing CTRL+F5 or if you use a Mac: CMD+SHIFT+DEL

If there is a persisting issue, please reach out at for larger troubleshooting

Thanks Mathieu! Clearing the cache AND restarting my machine resolved the issue.


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