Zoom to Pearl 2 to YouTube Live Audio Issue

I’ve been tasked with streaming our Zoom board meeting to YouTube Live. I’m sending video and audio from my 2020 iMac 5k to my Pearl 2 via HDMI. Picture and sound from iMac is great. But running Zoom I only hear participants in Pearl but not myself. Is there something I’m missing?


By default you wouldn’t hear yourself in any conferencing solution as its very hard to talk while hearing yourself at the same time. You would need to configure the audio settings of the computer running Zoom to simultaneously output the mic input, it’s called “listen to” in Windows 10, here is a guide I found on how to do that: https://winbuzzer.com/2020/08/28/how-to-hear-yourself-on-mic-in-windows-10-via-microphone-playback-xcxwbt/

Hope this helps!

Here’s the method for a Mac apparently: https://fifinemicrophone.com/blogs/news/audio-monitoring-on-your-mac