YouTube Sync fails every week

I have to reactivate the youtube account every sunday before we stream. This sunday, I can’t even see the last two digits of the activation code! Plus it only shows for half a second, so I have to time my camera perfectly to capture the code!

Also, our YT event is always Unlisted, so we have to go in and make it public before every service.

We switched from LiveStream but this terrible. Why is there only one button on the unit?

How do I change the quality settings?

How do I input analogue audio in combination with HDMI video? Often sound comes from sound boards and video comes from the camera.

The screen says “warning recondition failed”


The full settings menu and user interface is accessed by connection a monitor to the HDMI output and a USB mouse to control it, from there you can adjust the various quality settings.
However the Webcaster X2 does not support analog audio input directly, by default it only takes HDMI embedded audio, it is possible to use USB based audio in some cases.

Thank you George,
I’ll take a look.

How best do I setup YouTube for reoccurring events? Do we link on our website to a youtube event, or just to the channel?

Also, is there a way to make the event public by default when the stream starts?

Youtube does not due recurring events very well, unless you just use the more ad-hoc Stream Now style.
Youtube has 3 types of privacy, private, unlisted and public. Webcaster can do all 3, just a matter of setting it in the preferences for Stream Now, or in the Event when you create it on the YT Dashboard.

Thanks George
I’ll look into settings for making Public default.