Youtube stream cut off early

I am running firmware 4.15.0h on my Pearl-2. Last night I had 3 meetings and the streams ended between 5 and 20 early. I have a Crestron box that starts an audio recorder and the Pearl 2. The audio recordings contain the entire meetings. It is only the stream that is affected. My YouTube setting are: 4K stream (RTMP,4K) and Normal latency. The stream is not interactive which is why I chose normal. It seems that shorter meetings have a less lost at the end versus longer meetings. I have one meeting where the stream has 30 seconds missing. What am I doing wrong?

I’m sorry you’re running into this issue! This might be easier for us to follow up and investigate as a ticket, which you can send in to But for now, could you give me some background on your setup? Has this setup worked normally in the past, and if so, has anything changed?

You say that only the stream is affected, what do you mean exactly? When viewing the live stream it stops early? Or are the VODs on YouTube after the stream missing information? Where exactly are you seeing this loss of information? Do the recordings on the Pearl have the entirety of the meetings?

How are you stopping your streams? Are you ending them on the Pearl, and then on YouTube, or the reverse?