YouTube scheduled streaming problem

I have a problem.
When I launch the online broadcast immediately the video quality is good on my internet channel.
If I create a scheduled streaming and select its name in the settings (as written in the instructions), then the video quality is much worse.
Maybe I set the wrong settings in the scheduled streaming.
They are now different from the screenshots in the instructions (Point #3).

Youtube will utilize whatever settings are set on the Webcaster X2 preferences for Bitrate and Resolution. You are correct that the Pic 3 is out dated and have notified the writing and marketing team.

I have tested multiple accounts for stream both scheduled and unscheduled events and the quality was identical. It’s possible you were or are running into spontaneous ISP issues or there could be network restrictions on your network that could be affecting the quality? If you are using WIFI I would recommend using Ethernet LAN to ensure the most stable connection.

Thanks for the answer.
We worked with a wired connection. In the future we will try to carry out several tests on another Internet provider.
I correctly realized that: when setting up a scheduled streaming I can leave all the parameters on youtube as “default”?
And the speed and quality of the video is configured on the device?

Correct that the bitrate and resolution in the preferences section of Webcaster will dictate to Youtube the resulting stream quality.