YouTube reset everytime before it start

Hi all,

Not sure if anyone still using Webcaster x2 out there :frowning_face:

It has been working reliably for years until recent months where every time we start streaming, all the settings were reset and need to setup all over again. The settings are not persistent.

Hence, anything is that unlike Facebook streaming, YouTube streaming is a two step process which not only the unit itself but also need to click a button on the YouTube studio as well. I guess Epiphan probably has no plan to fix it but just wonder if any work around already out there :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the attention.

Since the FB app no longer works, I’ll need to figure out YouTube streaming through the Webcaster X2. What type of settings are reset every week? Is it the paring part, or are there other settings that need to be set up?
Are these settings in Webcaster or YouTube?
thanks for any help you can give!

I don’t have it with me but let me check and come back to you. It should be the same as how it is setup out of the box.

I appreciate that! We meet in a school so I can’t test it out during the week.

Actually, this is what we saw. This is the same screen we setup Webcaster for Youtube the first time when we setup the unit. But starting a month or two ago, this screen pop-up everytime when we power on the device. It mean we need to pair the device every since time before we can start streaming over YT :-

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Hmm this is a bit of a strange one - we will check to see if we can replicate the same thing this week. It’s possible YouTube made some change to their APIs and the Webcaster is getting booted off pairing for some reason.

Thanks making note of this!

Thanks Ryan. Looking forward to hear from you soon. if you need a video or more screenshots to better describe the symptom so that you can replicate the issue, please let us know.


If you do have a video showing what you see on your end, that may be helpful for sure!

I’ve gotten my YouTube stream set up and testing it. How long after you stop the stream before it indicates that it’s not live anymore? I stopped the test stream that I had scheduled and then restarted the webcaster to duplicate hour issue and when I went back in, the live test stream was still scheduled. And when I went to my YouTube channel it said I was still streaming.

Half an hour after I shut down the webcaster, the stream still says it is live. I did click on Stop. Then I powered off the webcaster, packed up and drove home.

Hello Canopy,

You may need to toggle the “auto-start” and “auto-start” feature in Youtube Events (manage page) for your stream to automatically end.


To be certain, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by:

" then restarted the webcaster to duplicate hour issue and when I went back in, the live test stream was still scheduled."

Can you elaborate on what you say on your end, and the actions you took?