Youtube not receiving enough stream to maintain good video

I purchased a Webcaster X2 on March 4 of this year and after a couple of test streams settled on streaming 1080p 60f at a bitrate of 2000 and have had no issues until the last couple of weeks when Youtube started telling they aren’t receiving enough stream. I have Spectrum for an ISP (120mbps download x10mbps upload which consistently tests @119+ down & 11+ up) and have had them on the phone While I run private stream tests and they tell me I am uploading @ 10.5 mbps. Any ideas as to why all of a sudden I am having issues?

Are you connecting using LAN or Wifi with Webcaster X2?
LAN will always provide you with a stable connection and provide you with the advertised speed tests. WIFI is subject to change as the signal can be affected by its environment, signal noise, weaker signal, etc.
If you have a firewall or network restrictions on your network, it can also play a part in your connection speed. Firewalls can sometimes throttle or completely impede a signal from reaching its destination.

I have always used a lan connection and it is cat6 direct to my modem.

As I mentioned, if you have a firewall or network restrictions in place this can affect it.
If the issue only appeared for that day, it’s possible it could be an Internet Service Provider issue (ISP)

You can also try doing a factory reset of the unit itself. With a monitor and mouse connected to the Webcaster X2, click on Settings > Backup and reset > Factory Default > Reset > Erase Everything