YouTube cut me off

I went to do a livestream with my W2 today, planning on streaming it on YouTube so that I could post the link on multiple Facebook pages. It didn’t work. Here’s why…

Prior to the political event, the sound man was playing copyrighted music. Since I was hooked up to his audio box, I hoped to use the music for a level check. But, unbeknownst to me, YouTube stopped the stream because the music was copyrighted. In my frustration, I went to Facebook knowing I could only stream directly on a single page.

Next time, I’ll know to wait to begin the livestream after the music stops.

Here’s the link to the video. The actual event starts at the 15:00 mark.

When live streaming on YT, and soon FB, you must avoid copyrighted music or the stream and possibly your account can be shut down. If you get a couple of strikes on your YT account you may even loose the ability to live stream entirely.
Be very careful with copyright content.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll be more aware when I am broadcasting from a
venue that has background music.