X2 Streaming to You Tube

I realize the “Stream Now” option on the X2 is not working with You Tube. So my process now is setting up a new live stream in You Tube, Title the stream. go back to the X2 and I do see that title I just created in the “Publish Description” I choose this.
I choose the option in YT to Enable auto start and auto stop.
Click “Start” on the X2 - no errors and it indicates it it doing it’s job but nothing on YT. I have unpaired and re-paired, reset the stream key. Any ideas?

Hello Lawreja!

I’m so sorry you’re running into this issue - In an effort to test I rebooted my Webcaster X2, which is updated to the latest firmware (2.23), then repaired it to my YouTube account. After which, I created a YouTube event, chose that event in “publishing destinations” using a connected HDMI display and mouse, then started the stream. In about 20 seconds time a connection was seen on YouTube and the “No Signal” image from my Webcaster X2 was seen in the YouTube preview. There is no video source connected to my Webcaster X2, so the “No Signal” image is expected and proves video data is being received by YouTube.

As I can’t seem to replicate the issue on my end, can you please confirm that your YouTube Dashboard is logged into the same account as the Webcaster X2? If so, do you have multiple events created? Is it possible the event being previewed is different from the event the Webcaster X2 is streaming to? We can quickly test this by creating a new YoutTube event named “test”, select “test” as the publishing destination on the Webcaster X2 and then start streaming. After 30-60 seconds, do you see video data from the Webcaster X2?

Ryan, thanks for the response. I have rebooted the X2 a few times. Firmware is V2.23. I unpaired and then re-paired the W2 with the same You Tube account. Verified video input and I do see it on my monitor output. Tried “Test123” same results. I also switched it to a different account, same results. It was working fine last semester. Any thoughts?

Ryan, just wondering if the X2 is not compatible with You Tube anymore?
Unable to get the unit to work. I can start the X2 device but nothing will show up on You Tube.

That’s certainly odd behavior. We have existing customers actively using Webcaster X2 to stream to Youtube events without issue. Can you ensure that the privacy settings on Webcaster itself under preferences are set to “public” as well as your events sett accordingly for your desired privacy results?

As a practical test, you could reach out to us on our website live chat or via email at info@epiphan.com so that we can try practical troubleshooting by pairing the device to one of our accounts to see if we can reproduce similar behavior