X2 message "Can't retrieve persistent broadcast from YouTube"

Upon pressing the power button on the X2 unit to begin broadcasting I am greeted with the message in red Can’t retrieve persistent broadcast from YouTube. Device is successfully paired as evidenced by the output on the monitor attached to my camera. Attempting to run a test broadcast prior to going fully wireless streaming from soccer fields. Connected with LAN cable (have full strength wifi signal), DC power etc so I am confident it is not a hardware issue. New to YouTube Live so I have no idea which end the issue is on (other than my inherent lack of experience). Any thoughts out there?

Can’t retrieve persistent broadcast from YouTube is when YouTube sends an unexpected response instead of creating the new live stream. In any cases like this that has come up the YouTube support team has been able to rectify this over time, though I do not know what the root cause is. For some reason this issue seems to only affect the API and other stream types still seem to work.

We are actively trying to find a workaround for this! At the moment the only thing I can suggest is to create a YouTube Live event and stream to this instead of using Stream Now. You can find details on using this here: How to live stream to a YouTube Live Event

Any progress in the work around? I’m having the same issue.

Sorry no. I have essentially given up on using the device altogether. Between technical setup issues and the need to get a dedicated hotspot at $70/month to use at remote locations I have decided against broadcasting live our youth soccer games and will simply record and post as before. I may revisit after Fall high school season were I just plug and play in the press box.


  1. create a live event with no time to begin (NO EVENT) with Title and description
  2. Publish destination - Stream Now
    Use Title and description from Youtube
    Video Title - clean
    Video Description - clean
    Privacy - Public
    Use Youtube to Preview - ON
    Pair Automatically - ON
    Start Streaming Automatically - ON

hope it helps

Having the same problem with my wife’s YouTube channel. The curious thing here is that I linked my channel and it worked instantly. Not a single proble. Not sure what may have changed in her channel. We had to use the annoying workaround of creating an event for her channel. That was a pain and delayed us a bit on our live broadcast because now we had to figure out how to do a Live Event on YouTube. I am willing to pay for support on this one. Anyone knows how to get direct support from Epiphan on this type of situation?

Unfortunately the issue stems with the Youtube account itself. The workarounds we suggest are based on the Youtube account being unable to refresh or automatically renew its stream key. You could certainly try reaching out to Youtube directly for assistance, but it may require going through their forums first. I apologize for the inconvenience.

We regularly answer the forums, but if you are looking to reach us in support directly you can email info@epiphan.com moving forward

Thanks for your point on the stream key. I went to her channel and reset the key and that seems to have fixed the problem. Will include the steps on how to do this on later reply, have to go earn a living now :slight_smile: , or maybe you guys at epiphan can create an article of sorts on how to reset stream key to help with this issue.