X2 firmware updates still available?

We have a X2 running on

Android version 5.1.1
Kernel 3.10.0
Build number epiphan_wcx2-userdebug 5.1.1 LMY48G 2.10.73086 release-keys
Vendor software version 2.10.73086

and I’m caught in the “Update available” “Firmware update failed” loop. I’ve tried flipping between DHCP and fixed IP and I’m just wondering if the update file is still being hosted? If not then that would explain why I’m not having any luck.


Our engineers should be able to force the update from our side, provided the Webcaster is not being blocked by a network firewall. Send an email to info@epiphan.com with the serial number and mac address of your X2 and leave it powered on with an internet connection and we’ll let you know!


  • Adam