X2 and YouTube live graphics

Now that we can’t just ‘stream now’ and have to create an event in YouTube my client asked if we can add a sponsors name to the event. I said the graphic has to be a 1x1 to have the logo watermark. But they said, they want the sponsor to be at the beginning, like ‘brought to you by Acme Anvils.’

Can I set up a pre-roll image for this? If all in YT? I’ve poked around and have seem some videos on OBS, does this work with the X2? At the events I record, I’m there with a laptop and I’m proficient in NLE editors. I’ve just not seen a clear way to do this.


Webcaster X2 does not have any graphic overlay or logo options of any kind unfortunately. It can only capture the source video and audio content to be streamed. All logo/pre-roll content would need to be done at the source level

Huh. So the little Panasonic HD Camera has is going into the X2. Would I be able to put the logo/pre-roll content with YouTube Studio during the live stream? I can do this in post but we are really pushing the live streaming. What would be another solution? Stream through my laptop and use something like OBS freeware?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately I do not know if graphics options are available live with youtube. You may need to reach out to the Youtube forums with your question.

Streaming with OBS is an option, but of course removes the X2 from the equation completely