Workplace by Facebook support

Good evening, we just received our webcaster C2C and have a lot of potential uses. One was for internal streaming of organization events using Workplace by Facebook. There was a press release by Epiphan in 2017 noting integration with the Webcaster X2 and Workplace. I am not seeing this as an option within the listed streaming platforms, is this something in development? We would be happy to test if so!


Facebook has not yet included API functionality into Workplace by Facebook so unfortunately that means it is not currently possible to utilize Webcaster X2 or any other integrated device using Facebook API with that platform.

I spoke with workplace recently and they have the api functionality on and are actively working with streamers like Webcaster. Please contact them to get this process moving forward. As of now I can use the code generated from the facebook live generator on workplace and it works however it blocks it when it realizes you are on workplace but its the same platform same api and when I spoke to them they told me they were ready to integrate.

Double checked with Facebook/Workplace and they said API is open and they are ready when you are just goto and get the process of getting Webcaster setup going. It should be as simple as you getting them to throw a switch because it uses the same pairing URL as facebook so its an identical API even uses same base URL. Pairing code even works, it just blocks me right after it succeeds and figures out im on workplace

Tony, Unfortunately at this time we are not planning any updates to the Webcaster X2.
If the way the FB API for Workplace is not directly compatible with how Webcaster works now, there is not much we can do.

Hey if anyone is having problems with Workplace from Facebook, we’d be more than happy to help as we’ve had issues with conferences and live streams in the past.

Unfortunately, Workplace by Facebook has never been supported for Webcaster X2