Will the Webcaster X2 work with a Roland V-02HD?

I am in a church setting and I have a Panasonic AG-AC30 coming in one input to the switcher via HDMI and the other input is a Mac with an output from ProPresenter 6, I can get it to output to a monitor but I cannot get it to output when I put it in the Webcaster and view its output. Are there special settings necessary coming out of the Roland? Or is it a video signal thing? Any ideas? Thanks!

As Webcaster X2 only supports 720P and 1080P signal sources you would need to ensure that the output of the Roland mixer is set to either output option, as well as ensure that HDCP encryption is not enabled. If any of the content is enabling HDCP encryption it would prevent the capture of the video content and present as a black screen with audio being heard.

I have used a Roland V-02HD mixer with my Webcaster X2. Did you try Mrenaud’s suggestions? They are both valid in this case. Are you still having problems?

Thanks so much. I will give that a try tonight. Typically what does the output of a Mac look like to the Webcaster? I usually don’t think of computers in those 720p or 1080p terms.

HDCP was on. One little click and we were in business. Thanks so much for your help!

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